The Polytechnic of Sokoto State

Polytechnic Facilities

Use of polytechnic facilities

The following general regulations govern the use of polytechnic facilities.

  • i. Registered student organizations/clubs/association must apply in writing and get approval of the authority on the use of Polytechnic facilities such as Cafeteria, lecture halls, class rooms, transport, sport equipment or any other thing.
  • ii. Application must be submitted at least 5 days to the date on which any of the facilities shall be required.
  • iii. All request will be treated on equal basis of first to come first to served in the granting of permission to use facilities except that Polytechnic activities/programmes and events shall be given preference over all other considerations.
  • iv. Any Polytechnic property damaged or lost while in a student's or organization's care, the students/ organization will be held responsible for the cost of replacement or repair.
  • This regulation applies to all Polytechnic property including sports equipments