The Polytechnic of Sokoto State


The Polytechnic Of Sokoto State Journal

The Polytechnic of Sokoto State journal of is born out of the need to concretise the surging research outcomes and results emanating from sustained research activities of the polytechnic lecturers in the fields of Technology and beyond. The journal welcomes original research findings and innovative theoretic and applied ideas and applications in different areas of Sciences and Social Science. The journal also encourages identification, establishment and practicalising of theoretic concepts embodied in the numerous branches and sub-branches especially in line with the global drives towards automation, optimisation, and cutting edge technology.

All submitted manuscripts shall be subjected to comprehensive scrutiny through a designed review process which is guaranteed to be thorough and responsive to the laid down academic requirements of research publication and authorship. The review process is however, also designed to be prompt and based on internationally established and accepted principles of evaluation and assessment of academic materials and research outcomes.