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Other Associations

Other Associations In the Polytechnic

The category also must fill all requirements as above. The associations should also fill all or some of the registration forms depending on their aims and objectives. The registration of clubs and societies is exclusively the right of the Students Affairs Division with the advice of students union. Any club or association wishing to register should first be cleared by the student union executive and then would be registered by the Students Affairs Division on the approval of the management. Any club/association that does not comply would be prescribed. Any student activity that does not give the minimum statutory period of notice to Students Affairs Division will be cancelled. Students Affairs Division must be involved in any arrangement or preparation for any activity. Notice must be given to Student Affairs Officer and permission sought within 48 hours before the commencement of the activity.

Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto in keeping with the tenets of a democratic community strongly encourages publications by students. But the permission of the Management through the Students Affairs Officer should be obtained 24 hours before the time. These publications include notices, announcements, letters or articles for the press, Radio T. V. on matters connected with Polytechnic. The following general regulations shall however, govern nil student publications.

  • i. Only registered organizations may produce any publication or printed matter bearing the name of the institution. These publications may be sold out on all the campuses.
  • ii. All student publications must carry the name of the organization responsible for the publication and individual names of the editorial board.
  • iii. Two copies of each of any publication must be deposited with the Polytechnic Libraries and student affairs officer.
  • iv. Any organization which publishes, sells or distributes printed or otherwise reproduced materials on the campus is responsible for the materials including any matter arising from it e.g. libel, etcetera.
  • v. All students' publications must state clearly on the editorial page that the opinion expressed there are not those of Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto or its students1 body as a whole.
  • vi. The following types of publication shall be prohibited on any of the campuses of the Polytechnic and shall be subject to disciplinary action:
  • a. Publications which are obscene
  • b. Publications which incite violence
  • c. Publications which are libelous
  • d. The Management reserves the right to disallow any publication it considers inimical to the Polytechnic.