The Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto

Students Union

The Students Union

The Students Union is a student's organization representing the interest of the entire student body. Membership of the union used to be compulsory but with the government interaction the membership becomes optional. Although optional, the union stands to represent and protect students' interest. The union has an established constitution which is followed closely. The constitution provides for different levels of participation by the members. These are; i. The executive council-consists of elected members from the student body. ii. The house of parliament - consists of not less than 30 and not more than 40 elected members of the congress, who shall be elected on departmental basis. The students union is a member of various National Associations such as National Association of Nigeria Student (NANS), Nigeria Association of Technological Students (NATS) etcetera. The union also attends students' national conferences, meetings and conventions when and where they are organized. All the activities of the students union are coordinated by the members of the executive council. All students' union activities in the tertiary institution of Sokoto State are currently banned.

Formation of Clubs and Associations in the Umaru Ali Shinkafi Polytechnic Sokoto is strictly optional but students are free to come together and form their organizations. Before any club or association is recognized or registered their constitutions are subject to approval by the Rector who acts on the advice of the Students Affairs Division which in turn acts on the advice of the Students Union Executive Council or care-taker committee. Only associations, clubs and societies which are registered and thereby recognized are allowed to function on any of the Polytechnic campuses. Clubs and associations registration forms are obtainable from the Students Affairs Officer on payment of registration which may be reviewed from time to time by the management. There are three modes of registration depending on the composition, function, aims and objectives and in all the. constitution of the club, society or association. The Students Affairs Division, in conjunction with student union categorized the registration procedures as follows: